Take advantage of our unique offers on Volterra invoices that are valid for a short period of time, for new customers and for C1 / C1N home invoices as well as C21 and C22 professional invoices.

The principal characteristics are as follows:

  • Up to 50% off
  • No Fixed Charges
  • No annual fee
  • No engagement
  • No disengagement Clause
  • No restriction on consumption
  • With late payment discount.
  • With fixed price commitment
  • Monthly billing possibilities.
  • Ability to enter metrics to issue a clearing account.
  • Clever way of managing electricity through the capabilities of our free application: My Volterra
  • Customer-oriented service
  • Procedures easy fast and transparent.
Call us now at 2310 431133 and our first available energy consultant will let you know extensively without any commitment on your part. In addition, you can send us your last clearing account (two-sided) to our email address to send you the relevant application and supporting documents.