Water Distribution system management

  • Consumables are collected and stored in an electronic database.
  • Devices do not require the existence of electricity or communication cables
  • The installation of telemetry devices is easy and efficient
  • The communication of the devices is wireless and uses free frequencies that do not require special licenses
  • Industrial GPRS devices for data collection
  • Using user-friendly software that does not require licenses
  • Integrated consumption analysis system such as charts, search filters and consumption trends
  • Ready reports to detect leaks in the system, detect damaged meters and present consumption data


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DW 4300 u

DW4300u  The DW 4300 U can be installed next to the meter. The device constantly monitors the output of the meter, reads the consumables and sums them up.

Consumption data is stored in the device's internal memory and is periodically transmitted over a predetermined period of time - that is, hourly or daily. The data packs also contain other relevant information such as power consumption, battery level, signal strength, security signal, and time synchronization data.

Periodic data transmission has been optimized and shifted over time to reduce problems and avoid communication interference.

The devices work with internal batteries, which last a minimum of 3 to 10 years, depending on the application.

DW 3510 u

 DW3510u DW 3510 U Routers (Sensors) Router is used to transfer data from the telemetry / meter device to the Network Coordinator.

Each router provides some additional information about the original message - such as the device number and signal quality. This added information is stored in the central database and can be used to monitor the quality of transmission and analyze the communication network.

Nodes, routers and devices automatically form the most efficient network topology.


Water telemetry systems can be installed either by installing the telemetry device next to the existing meter or by replacing the existing meter with a new one with an integrated telemetry system.

The benefits of using telemetry are many, some of which are:
  • increase citizen satisfaction as there are no 'against' accounts but accounts with real consumption figures
  • billing easily and quickly without the need for registrations as consumption data comes in electronic form
  • detecting network leaks
  • detection of damaged cash
  • immediate issuance of bills if citizens are required to disconnect
  • sending personalized messages to consumers in case of overconsumption or consumption outside normal prices, based on historical data