Energy products and technical suppoer activates: in the fields of energy trading, telemetry and supervision of the construction and operation of electromechanical projects and particularly in nursing institutions (Hospitals, Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers, Diagnostic Centers etc.).

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Supervision of operation and maintenance of electromechanical projects
Our company, through its specialized engineers, has extensive experience in overseeing the construction, operation and maintenance of industrial projects. Indicatively and not restrictively, he participated in the supervision of the construction of power stations, refineries and industrial plants. There is special expertise in supervising the construction, maintenance and operation of health units (hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, diagnostic centers, etc.) and their administrative organization.

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We provide a wide range of measurement and data collection equipment with the latest technology of remote monitoring and automatic control.

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Natural Gas
Earn up to 30% off your competitor's competitive billing rates. Call us immediately for more information on the process. Energy Products and Technical Support supplies natural gas to domestic and professional customers with the best and most competitive programs on the market.

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Double Energy
Provides a 10% discount on the natural gas supply price. to domestic and professional customers with a gas connection as well as a power supply contract

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*RAE  is the supervisory authority in the field of energy supply, any consumer may address RAE on issues related to the energy product procurement process, its rights and obligations.