Our company, through its specialized engineers, has extensive experience in overseeing the construction, operation and maintenance of industrial projects.

Indicatively and not restrictively, he participated in the supervision of the construction of power stations, refineries and industrial plants.

There is special expertise in supervising the construction, maintenance and operation of health units (hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, diagnostic centers, etc.) and their administrative organization.

Specifically, it undertakes Project Manager services, organizes and supervises project precommissioning and commissioning processes as well as organizes and educates project technical service as well as constructs a preventive maintenance program of project provisions in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and applicable laws and regulations. art and science. In addition, services are provided for the organization and execution of internal project functions.

So, in detail, our services in supervising the construction, operation and maintenance of electromechanical projects in hospitals are:


Supervision of construction and implementation of electromechanical installations and medical equipment. Construction supervision according to the implementation study the technical description of the project, the existing TEE regulations but also the rules of Art and Science.



Commissioning is a systematic process designed to ensure that all building systems are received and operated according to the designer's intentions and the requirements of the project and the owner. 

Provides written documentation that the building meets the operational requirements and energy efficiency requirements, while the benefits of the process are:

  1. Certification and recording of the proper functioning of the infrastructure.
  2. Increasing the lifetime of machinery
  3. Better indoor ventilation and comfort.
  4. Reduce operating and maintenance costs by systematically controlling internal systems actions.
  5. Ensure and certify Energy Performance of the building according to the specifications.
  6. Certification of aseptic conditions in surgical and intensive care areas.
  7. Securing the investment.
Indicative and not restrictive of the systems that were subject to the operational receipt procedures are:
  1. Building shell
  2. Mechanical systems
  3. HVAC Systems
  4. Automation
  5. Hydraulic Systems (Water - Drainage)
  6. Medical gas systems
  7. Electrical Systems (Substation, Generators, Ups, ASP, Electric Networks, etc.)
  8. The fire detecting system and Fire extinguishing systems and means
  9. Interior lighting
  10. Exterior lighting
  11. Cool
  12. Heating
  13. Equipment (Elevator, Doors, Beds, Washing Machines, etc.)
  14. Project Documentation Control and Installation Manual.
Back Upon completion of the Commissioning procedures, the Functional tests of the above infrastructures will be performed in all operating conditions.

At the end of the above procedures the relevant test protocol file is delivered which will be one of the most important parts of the project construction, the so-called QC (Quality Control) of the project.



The following procedures are outlined below:
  1. Recording existing equipment according to the application design and As built Drawings.
  2. Collection and arrangement of equipment manuals.
  3. Preventive maintenance of biomedical electromechanical installations and equipment based on manufacturer's instructions and on the basis of existing legislation and in accordance with the rules of art and science.
  4. Maintenance procedures for each equipment.
  5. Creating a PC chart and job description for each position.
  6. Collection and evaluation of CVs.
  7. Staff Selection
  8. Maintenance staff training.
  9. Organization of workshops with logistic infrastructure.
  10. Creating fault reporting and troubleshooting procedures.


1. Fire Safety Team Organization and Establishment Services
1.a Preparation of Fire Safety Team Procedures and Position Tasks
1.b Training of fire safety team in active and passive fire safety systems of the building.
1.c Compilation of fire and red code notification procedures.
1.c Organization of drills on fire safety.
1.d Compilation of building and black code evacuation procedures.

2. Building security procedures drafting services.
2.a Building security and security procedures.
2.b Installation of logistic and monitoring infrastructure on a 24-hour basis.
2.c Writing position description procedures.
2.d Collection and evaluation of CVs.
2.e Staff Selection.
2.f Staff training.

3. Building cleaning procedures planning services.
3.a Compilation of building - equipment cleaning procedures.
3.b Drawing up of tenders or selection procedures.
3.c Evaluation of companies or staff and selection of contractor or staff.
3.d Staff training.

4.a Compilation of Planting and Irrigation maintenance procedures.
4.b Drawing up of competition companies procedures.
4.c Evaluation of companies - or staff and selection of contractor or staff.
4.d Staff training.

5. Drafting procedures for the management of hazardous infectious waste.
4.a Establishment of procedures for collection - maintenance - storage of hazardous infectious waste.
4.b Develop accident and accident management procedures for hazardous infectious waste.
4.c Evaluation of companies - or personnel and selection of contractor or personnel for the transport - storage and processing thereof.
4.d Preparation of tender procedures for the award of a Contractor for the Treatment of Hazardous Infectious Waste.

6. Clothes management and laundry services.
6.a Establishment of procedures for the organization and location of equipment.
6.b Establishment of clothing collection, washing and distribution procedures.
6.c Drawing up of tenders or selection of staff.
6.d Evaluation of companies or staff and selection of contractor or staff.
6.e Staff training.

7. Central sterilization process preparation services.
7.a Establishment of equipment organization and location procedures.
7.b Draw up procedures for the collection, washing-washing-disinfecting and distribution of equipment.
7.c Preparation of tendering or selection procedures.
7.d Evaluation of companies or staff and selection of contractor or staff.
7.e Staff training.

8. Design services of central warehouse management of equipment and sanitary ware.
8.a Establishment of warehouse organization procedures.
8.b Preparation of delivery-delivery procedures.
8.c Develop staff selection procedures.
8.d Personnel evaluation and selection of contractor or staff.
8.e Staff training.

9. Hospital Management Organization Services.
9.a Create a Business Chart
9.b Writing a position description text for each Administrative post.
9.c Staff recruitment and evaluation procedures.
9.d Executive training procedures.